Kibana latest value aggregation pie chart

Imagine a service reports a user_id and a country on an event of a country change by a user. How possible to chart an aggregation on user count per country, considering that user should be counted towards the current (latest reported for this user_id) country only.

For example, we have the following entries:
// user_id: 1, country: UK, @timestamp: 1
// user_id: 2, country: UK, @timestamp: 2
// user_id: 1, country: USA, @timestamp: 3
// user_id: 3, country: UK, @timestamp: 4

The results should be the following:
// UK: 2
// USA: 1

If it's possible, then how to visualise the result in a pie chart,
If it's not possible, then the bonus question:

Imagine there's a way to report the current country stats into elk, how would you report it in order to get the desired pie chart?


To get that kind of aggregation in Kibana, you'll want a user-centric index that keeps the last-known country for each user updated as new events are generated. Take a look at a similar question I helped with: Count Of Metric after Doing Top Hits

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