Kibana lens based Area chart and Normal Area chart (Aggregation based) dosent follow opacity color correctly?

Hello All,

I tried making area chart using Lens based AREA CHART and also along with Normal Area chart.
The reason to choose NORMAL Area chart over lens based is because I want to below which I am unable to do in lense or exactly not aware if possible:

The problem I'm facing in normal area chart the opacity color is not working correct from(0 to1)...I need it to be dark colored but its always in light shaded color. The below image last visulization colors are LIGHT IN SHADE as made using Normal area chart and Above lens once are dark, and need same in normal area chart.

The first two visuals are ideally needed to be shown in 1 graph itself i.e split column on basis of usecase name , and each of these usecases have mutiple steps.
So I can achive this using lens and hence tried normal area chart(last visual).but here opacity color dont work properly i.e not coming dark.

Can see the settings here, but opacity dont work kibana 8.8.2

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