Kibana Lens Dashboard Link Broken 404 Dashboard Not Found

Note: It may be necessary to check the user permissions first.
1. (Hamburger Menu) --> Stack Management --> Saved Objects
2. Select the dashboard and Export
3. Open with Notepad++, CTRL +F, change the Search Mode in the bottom left to Regular Expression and search for the ID
4. Delete the old ID
5. Insert the new ID
6. Save the file
7. Saved Objects --> Import --> Add file and overwrite old dashboards

A user hit an error within their Kibana Space where they had access to the [Metrics System] Overview page within their Space but when they clicked on one of the host names in the, Host | CPU usage | Memory usage visualization, they were met with an error, "Dashboard not found. Sorry, the dashboard you're looking for can't be found. It might have been removed or renamed, or maybe it never existed at all."

I had initially copied over the dashboards by exporting the prebuilt [Metrics System] ones but after hitting these issues I deleted them and then moved to using the "Copy to Space" function. Each option seemed to give me the same error. What Elastic/Kibana appears to do is that it gives these dashboards new ID's within the Space (makes sense) so unfortunately the links break. The next step was to figure out what the new dashboard ID is in order to replace the old ID with the new one. In this case the original ID dashboard ID was system-79ffd6e0-faa0-11e6-947f-177f697178b8 which needed to be replaced with 80504f1e-d081-4920-9979-e88f2953a52d. IF you go to the [Metrics System] Overview dashboard and click on Edit --> Cog (Wheel) --> Edit Lens theres no way to edit the actual URL/ID that links to the [Metrics System] Host overview page because it doesn’t utilize Markdown. The next step seemed to be to go to the Saved Objects section, export the files, search for the original ID in Notepad++, remove it, add in the new ID, save and then use the Import function in Saved Objects with overwrite existing dashboards to get the link working.


Unfortunately this is a known problem with markdown link dashboard panels. Our dashboard team released this new feature called links Streamline Kibana dashboard navigation with the Links panel | Elastic Blog and it handles this issue very elegantly. Its available starting 8.11.0 + version of our stack.


Cool, I appreciate the update on that. This deployment is running 8.10.4 so let me check in our 8.11.x versions to see if the issue is still there. The Markdown links I understand but this was a little bit different. Not sure from the link you sent me if the issue would be fixed so let me dig into it a bit.

Yes. Links panel will work fine when copied between spaces as long as you update the markdown panel in pre-built metricbeats dashboards with links panel. Here is our documentation Create links to other dashboards | Kibana Guide [8.11] | Elastic


My initial testing leads me to believe that these are actually two different things. Adding a panel to move from one dashboard to the other still doesnt fix the broken link thats built into the hostname when you click on it in the Top Host by CPU visualization. Working on this has lead me to realize that this seems to be significantly easier to fix before the Lens visualization as the older(?) way allowed you to edit the visualization right here (see image below). If you open the [Metrics System] Overview dashboard and then in the Top Host by CPU visualization click on a sever the link is broken when you copy from one Space to another. You can however click on the 3 dots, which seems to have been replaced by the Cog (wheel), not sure how old this dashboard is, Edit Visualization --> Panel Options, and change the Dashboard its linked to. From what I can tell in Lens this ability via the UI has been removed.

cc @Hannah_Mudge @devon.thomson closing the loop from side.
I opened this enhancement request in beats repo - Use links panel instead of markdown panels to link to other dashboards in prebuilt beats dashboards · Issue #37627 · elastic/beats · GitHub


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