Dashboard ID update or complete redo

I'm developing a dashboard with saved objects(visualizations) that I had to reingest. I've been remaking the visualization because I receive error messages related to the id.

Is there a way to update visualizations/dashboard? It appears it needs to be recreated from scratch, not very efficient.

@cronwel You can export the dashboard from Saved Objects Explorer, update the id to whatever you need / wish (very nice to get clean urls) , then re-upload the json and remove the old duplicate dashboard.

Really? Easy to move forward here, eh?

If I understand what you suggest, you're saying I would do the following:

  1. Export the dashboard
  2. Re-upload the json
  3. Remove the old dashboard
  4. Then update the ids when I re

But in reality, I'm also:
5. import the saved dashboard from the saved objects
6. updating the ids

So I need to observe and troubleshoot if a field is not properly typesetting and I have to do a six-step procedure to remedy a given field.

The processes that I do are to name fields, observe that logstash read them correctly(provided the right field mapping (ip, keyword, integer, etc.). And sometimes that's what I need to observe and evaluate one after another. As in, I see that opensearch will ingest my fields but then I have to see why my IP address field is showing up as a text instead of IP or something to that affect. The aforementioned process can become inefficient if I'm doing a cycle of action, observation, troubleshoot. I'm very new to Opensearch but I'm wondering if my lack of knowledge means that there is not a better way to do this procedure. If what you suggest is the best I can hope for, ok, I'll go with it. But if there is something more efficient, please share. maybe there is a better way for me to verify what I am doing. Every time I make a change to a conf file have to go through a certain procedure in order to see the affects take place while also ensuring the old data is not mixed with new data.

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