Use new dataview in an existing dashboard

I have a dashboard created with a set of data that I passed through logstash to elasticsearch. But now I have created a new index and a new dataview with similar data. And I want to use the complete dashboard with the same graphs that I already had, but applying the new data set. I have cloned the dashboard but I don't see the option to take a different dataview.
Is it necessary to create all the charts on the dashboard again? Is there any way to save myself that work?

You could try going into management-> saved objects and export the cloned dashboard, edit the text file and reimport it again. Its possible that your visualizations (which actually have a link to the dataview) are stored inside the dashboard saved object, and in this case this will work.

if your visualizations are separate saved objects, which the dashboard just references, then you will only have ids of the visualizations inside your exported dashboard. In this case you could export all used visualizations with it and then reimport new visualizations.

you will need to update the dataview id in the text file before reimporting it again.

Thanks for the response, but I can't find the solution. I have searched for the saved objects and there is my cloned dashboard, but then I do not see the reference to the dataview, to be able to modify it.

the only references are to the index pattern

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