Managing a large number of Dashboards/visualizations

I have created several dashboards with many visualizations, it is pretty easy to export/import these into separate elastic clusters however making a small change that would affect all of the visualizations (TSVB) seems to be difficult.

For example if I want to change the index in which the dashboards run against, I can export it and regex/replace the index however the ids still collide and the visualization will prompt about overwrite the existing ones. I would rather create a new visualization so the old dashboard still exists, is this possible?

Are their better tools for managing many visualizations or is the only method working with nested json and/or through the GUI?

Currently it's not possible through the UI to bulk-change the underlying index pattern of a visualization - scripting this seems like the right approach.

By using the saved objects API you should have full control in terms of creating new saved objects instead of overwriting and so on.

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