Kibana limit for Geojson file upload

There is a limit of 50MB file size to upload maps in Geojson to ES. This is really small. How do I load larger map datasets into ES?

hi @Prabhakar_Rajagopal

GeoJSON upload is not meant for very large datasets, but you can leverage the GDAL library to perform ETL tasks into Elasticsearch. This blog post explains how it works and the different options you have to upload geospatial data.

Thanks for the suggestion, Jorge.
I will check out using the GDAL library.
Is using logstash an option as well for geojson?

Documents are inserted into Elastisearch via REST API. You can write a script in your favorite language to pull features from a geojson file and then upload via REST APIs.

For example, this node.js script,, uses oboe to stream in a geojson file and bulk upload features to Elasticsearch. You could write something similar.

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