Kibana - Loading failed for the <script> with source “http://hostname:5601/built_assets/dlls/vendors_2.bundle.dll.js”


I am new to ELK and downloaded the tar.gz files of version 7.6.2. OS is RHEL 7.5.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux Workstation release 7.5 (Maipo)

I have started the elasticsearch and KIbana on server (as non root) with very minimal default configuration and I did not find errors during startup. I would like to access Kibana from my laptop remotely but it always fails with below error:

# Kibana did not load properly. Check the server output for more information.

I got this below information from Chrome:
Failed to load resource: net::ERR_TIMED_OUT vendors_2.bundle.dll.js:1 (Got it using the F12)

I got this information from Firefox:
Loading failed for the with source “”.

I already tried on Chrome, Firefox and Edge with no luck so far!

Being very new to ELK, not sure what else to try.

Can you try and run it as a different user with more permissions? RHEL by default is more strict with security.

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