Kibana Machine Learning upload increase 100Mb


I'm trying to find informations about ELK, mainly because i often have dumps files that are around 1Gb size. Which is why i'm currently stuck with the default files upload in Kibana wich is limited to 100 Mb.

I have looked at many things and even tried different values of http.max_content_length in elasticsearch.yml. Nothing changed.

I'm on Debian 9, with usual ELK install from aptitude on default repositories.
Kibana Version: 6.6.1

Anything i should look into ?
Or, another way to do this task ?


This appears to be a fixed limit currently. There are likely reasons the devs chose this limit, but it's valuable for us to track customer needs/requests. You could create an issue for configurable file size limits for the team's consideration:


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