Kibana Markdown local image

Hello! I want to display in my kibana visualization my local image.
I put cat.png to /usr/share/kibana/src/legacy/ui/public/assets/favicons. Owner of /usr/share/kibana/src/legacy/ui/public/assets/favicons is root, owner of cat.png also root. But I can't load it to visualization according to Load image with Markdown in Dashboard.

[![Go to another page ](http://mydomain:5601/ui/favicons/cat.png)](http://mydomain:5601/app/dashboards#/view/c7bc3310-3def-11eb-a3cc-7f54aefda0b2?_g=(filters%...)

Maybe I should change owner of cat.png?What I need to do to load my local image to visualization?

Hi @ThreatInter

What version of Kibana are you using? For the most recent version it looks like the asset location has moved to src/core/server/core_app/assets. That's where the existing favicon folder is and when I drop a new image in there, I'm able to access it via https://host:5601/ui/my-new-image.jpg

If you go directly to http://mydomain:5601/ui/favicons/cat.png in your browser, do you get a 404 error, or a different error?

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src/core/server/core_app/assets worked, thank you

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