Kibana Metric Visualisation - Controlling Margins / White Space

I have a simple Metric Visualisation in Kibana


It uses the space very inefficiently: here the metric font size is 18pt and this is the minimum panel size to avoid vertical scroll bars. In fact if I shrink the metric font to 14pt I can't shrink the panel without scroll bars being added. What's more, removing the panel title doesn't help either - it seems to still "reserve" space for the hidden panel title when laying out the panel content.

It ought to be possible to control the margins/white space borders to allow the user to make better use of available space on a dashboard and avoid having to use over-sized panels.

Any advice on solving this please? Is there a solution to this.

Hi there, unfortunately customization of these parameters is not possible at the moment. Maybe you could take a look at TSVB metric - the only thing controlled there is a color, but maybe the sizes there suit you more. If you need more customization, Vega would be the way to go.

Thanks for the reply.

Having done some searching since posting this it seems this has been an issue for some time.

Is there anything on the roadmap to address this?


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