How to arrange Metric

I need some advice to organise my work panel choosing the appropriate Visualisation type or maybe parameters in it. I have a single numbers that is the most suitable for "Metric" Visualisation type. Here i give you an example, what panel (Metrics) i have:

The problem is that it is arranged in a row until there is a place for them and then move to another line. It is also a lot of spaces between Metrics and it takes a lot of places (with labels for example). I know about font size, but it doesnt solve the problem of wasting place. So It is not preferable for me, i need smthg like a column that doesn't take much place for example:

May i achieve this somehow?

Then i started to think about Table Visualisation Type, but it is also seems not suitable:

But I need smthg like this:

Please advise me what should i choose and how to gain the result. Thanks

I think the most space efficient way of displaying that will be metric. So there nothing that can really solve your problem right now (Canvas will help, but that's still some time away) . But feel free to add an enhancement request in our repo here for the metric to allow change in the orientation for multiple metrics.

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