How to use Metric to display a group of values

I am trying to use Kibana Visualize to do what I normally do with DataDog’s gauges: showing the last known value of a specific variable.

My data looks like this:

What I would like it the Visualize: Metric to do is:

  1. Read all the available names from the role_name column.
  2. Display the value in the role_count column.

But I can’t figure out how I might do that. I also tried to do it with the Data Table but I don’t know how either. Specifically it seems that these tools are trying to look for occurances of rows matching those values, but I want to show the values in the fields.

I realize that I probably can build all the queries manually but that won’t work if the role_names are not known beforehand — not to mention that it would be a bit messy.

Any help would be appreciated!

Ok so I managed to get the Data Table to work now:

But I still can’t figure out:

  • How to get the Metric to split all rows from the table into its own display.
  • How to sort the rows neither alphabetically or by metric. What I in fact need is to sort the rows by the role_hierarchy_index seen from my first screenshot above. (number values which show hiearchy in a list)

If you want to split each row into it's own display you might want to use the "metric" visualization type, which renders each bucket as a single number.

I used it below, and setup a custom sorting aggregation for the terms agg based on the max of the role_hierarchy_index field

@spalger Thanks that’s what I tried to do but I don’t have the option to aggregate Terms in my options.

I see that you have a panel for Buckets, which I don’t have…

Ah, I'm using an unreleased version of Kibana. Looks like that feature when in with which will be shipping soon in 5.5

Oh sweet — hopefully soon. This is exactly what I needed. With this new update I can kill datadog completely!

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