Kibana Metrics (take percentage of the sum of a field)

I am new to ELK and I could use some help.
I have a field named VM that has true and false values. If the system is a physical server then the value is false, otherwise if it is a VM it is true.

I need to take a percentage of how much of the environment is virtualized and display it as a metric

lets assume total VM field count is 10
I would like to show that 70% of the environment is virtualized.

Here is the math equation
((Virtual/(Physical + Virtual))*100)

Hi @creativeguitar ,

I think you may use TSVB or Vega to build such metric with math: TSVB has a feature called Filter Ratio which might work, and if that isn't powerful enough you have to use Vega.
In 7.14 Lens will offer a similar feature to the TSVB where you could perform math calculations.

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Hi @Marco_Liberati

So you can get something very similar with the Bar Percentage Chart in Lens Today.

Here is an example with app names percentage, you would just breakdown by your field that represents vm : true / false

This will show you the True / False Percentages today.

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