Kibana migration/versioning tool


I believe I'm facing the same problem some of you already faced before: how to migrate/deploy/version several dashboards/visualizations alongside with all dependencies (index patterns, saved searches, etc.) from one Kibana/ES environment to another. Unfortunately I was unable to find any tools for doing such task, and for now we're just moving the whole .kibana index. But what I want is to move only part of the stuff we have in source env to destination one. So, I'm wondering if there is a tool for that? Of course it's not hard to create such tool by yourself, but it's better to know that you're not doing work, which is already done.


Hi Ivan. You may want to try the Saved Objects exporter and importer in Kibana. You can choose which objects you want to export to the new environment.

Hi Nick,

Thank you for reply, I tried it, but unfortunately it doesn't help you with exporting all object dependencies. For example, if you want to export some complex dashboard with 20+ visualizations, you need to manually export all of them + other related objects (like saved searches or index patterns). It's quite error prone, so I think I'll create a tool which will help me export object with all it's dependencies.


Hi Ivan,

I understand now. Thank you for clarifying. We are tracking this feature request here.

If anyone interested, I built simple tool for exporting/importing all or selected objects with dependencies. It's just a prototype, but anyways:

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