Kibana missing functionality question


I'm a newbie to Kibana. My company started using UiPath and it came with Kibana 6.6 for reporting. Below are two features that I'm unable to find when I started using Kibana. So my question is are these features not available in 6.6 and I need to upgrade or is there an option in 6.6 to turn on these features. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Issue #1: Trying to share to PDF. I do not have the options to do so.
Our version of the “Share” Dropdown menu:

Drop down advertised on website:

Issue #2: We are trying to “customize time range” on individual components within a dashboard. We do not have the option to do so.
Our version of the panel drop down::

Panel drop down advertised on Kibana guide:


PDF and PNG reporting are gold features, as you can see here:

Both reporting options are available in 6.6.

The "Customize tie range" dropdown was released in 7.4 on October 1st, so it is not available in 6.6:

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