[Kibana][ML] The job id cannot contain more than 64 characters

Hello, I'm trying to create a ML job to test the anomalies feature with observability, the Log rate job was created successfully, but when I try to create a "Categorization" job it's saying "The job id cannot contain more than 64 characters", and there is no text box to enter job id ti bypass this limitation, I am using elk stack 7.17. How to solve this, please? Thanks.

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I believe the UI will attempt to create a job name (job_id) that is the concatenation of a few pieces of information that is chosen in this wizard, but I also think it will use the name of the Kibana Space that you're in. For example, here's a job_id that I just created:


where ml-team is the name of the Kibana Space I created it in. However, if I try to create the job in a Kibana Space name that is longer (i.e. my_really_really_really_really_really__really_long_name):

Then when I create the same job it'll get the same error as you (also notice error in background):

So, it would seem that a few things need to happen:

  1. The ML code needs to allow job_ids that are longer than 64 characters
  2. The logic in the UI needs to create a smaller job_id
  3. You need to have a shorter Kibana Space name.

Obviously 1 and 2 require a bugfix

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Seems like this is a known issue: Too long ML job id of Logs UI is being generated · Issue #112938 · elastic/kibana · GitHub

Thank you @richcollier for your answer, indeed seems a bug, but the problem is I already created an ML job of type "log rate" and the id of the job was 67 characters. And doesn't let me create a job of type "Categorization". it's weird! :confused:

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