Kibana Modify Aggregation labels

I am currently trying to create a visualization counting the number of times the UUID tied to a document is shown on my website. I would like to map the UUID to the Document name in elastic for the visualization. is there a way to achieve this?

one solution to this problem would be logging the document name with the UUID in the application, but I was hoping for a way to do this within the ELK stack.

hi @serdyn321,

So it seems this relationship is maintained elsewhere?

This would require some "joining" capabilities, which aren't supported in Kibana and Elasticsearch.

How many UUIDs are we talking about? If the number is low, you could write a "Scripted Field" ( that maps each UUID to it's human readable name and use that in the visualization.

this did the trick! for my use case! however my main data set currently has about 10,000 documents with UUIDs I think my best bet might be to log the relationship with each use case.

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