Kibana monitoring - recent log entries lost timezone

Just noticed that on the Monitoring overview screen, "recent log entries" have the wrong timestamp by our timezone offset. The same log entry in Discover has the correct timestamp.

Everything involved is 7.5.2, filebeat elasticsearch module sending to elastic ingest pipeline, all are pretty basic config. We don't really use the monitoring log entries screen, it's easier to search in discover, but it causes a brief panic.

Any ideas?


Hey @rugenl,

I was wondering if the offset is still correct based on the "dateFormat:tz" you have set in Kibana > Management > Advanced settings?

If you have it set to Browser, then it should apply the offset based on your current location. Discover might be using UTC, so you can also try setting that offset to match the data.

Also, do you see any GMT offset in the url, when you change the timeframe?


Disregard my previous post. We have identified that this is indeed a bug on our end:

Thank you for bringing it to our attention!

Opened 42 minutes ago, I got a fresh one :slight_smile:


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