Kibana \n charecter


I have problem in kibana. I upgraded ELK stack from 7.5.1 to 7.12.0 and I faced problem in kibana where it not working with \n....Note in JSON i have \n character

Hi @ghaithTK, is the issue that Kibana is ignoring the newline character? Is this happening in Discover?

@ devon.thomson yes my issue that kibana ignoring newline character (\n) and that in discover

So to be precise in 7.5.1 a newline was displayed in the document table of Discover, while in 7.12 it is ignored, am I right?

@ matw
yes the new line ignored in discover table but in expanded document table it working

Thx @ghaithTK , I could reproduce the issue , and you can now track it on GitHub [Discover] Support multiline content in document table · Issue #97952 · elastic/kibana · GitHub

@ matw
thnx very much. I will track it

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