Kibana name count?

Hi Everyone

So i was wondering, in kibana, is it possible to pick visualize "count". and then let it count how many times a word is said in each file? Like how many times "cow" is stored.

Hope anyone can help me out

suppose taking a field name called JAXA.Now if you want to get the count of it.
thn you can use data table in visualization .there provide the details under buckets aggregation as terms and thn in field JAXA order by term ,use asc or desc order provide the size.And run it.You will get the ans.

im not sure what you mean.

so i went into Visualization, then data table. i have set terms in order by and aggregation

But what do you mean with "asc or dec order provide the size?"

I cant search for a word in my files with jaxa?

I just gave an example,u can substitute the field name I given with your field name.

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