Kibana - no information about Logstash

I have a little problem.

Should I do something to make Kibana see Logstash?
I don't see any information about Logstash in the Kibany web panel.
Maybe I need to configure it additionally?

Logstash is integrated with Elastic Search and works well.
ELK - ver. 6.8.3.

Any idea?

Did you create an index pattern for the indices logstash logs to: ?

Index pattern: logstash*

The index pattern you've entered doesn't match any indices. You can match any of your 20 indices , below.

There is no index logstash*.

Maybe your indices are called differently? Could you execute this query and post the result here?

GET /_cat/indices?v


Unfortunately, I don't see any data there that could come from Logstash.
I am currently using Logstash and Logstash add data to Elastic Search.
How it's possible?

It sounds like this is not related to Kibana, but your data is not properly indexed in Elasticsearch. You could head over to the logstash forum to ask for help there.

Are you talking about monitoring logstash from Kibana ?
May be this link may help you :

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