Kibana nodejs vul


OS: Linux 22.04
Kibana version : 7.17.18

we are getting Node.js 18.x < 18.19.1 / 20.x < 20.11.1 / 21.x < 21.6.2 Multiple Vulnerabilities in our older kibana 7.17.16.

for resolve nodejs vulnerability we have upgraded kibana from 7.17.16 to 7.17.18 but still vulnerability not resovled.

can you please provide update on which kibana 7.17 series next release version nodejs version update?

Hi Ekta,

Can you share how you have installed/ are running Kibana? Which vulnerability are you referring? For v7.17.18 I see the Node.js version has been upgraded to 20.10.0 as present in the package.json:

I see a change in this merged PR to upgrade to 20.11 is in the works.

Hope that helps!

Hi @carly.richmond

currently 20.10.0 nodejs installed in 7.17.18. for nodejs vul. resol require 20.11.x version of nodejs. so Can you please let us know in which kibana new version nodejs version also upgrade ?

Hi @Ekta,

I'm guessing the upgrade to 20.11 will be present in the next minor version, which should be released alongside 8.13 very soon (within the next couple of weeks).

Hope that helps.

Hi @carly.richmond

thanks for your help but it would great if you can provide if possible any release notes or anything from that we can get the next release details?

Hi @Ekta,

The release notes will be provided when the next release comes out. We normally post release announcements here if you want to keep an eye out there. But it will be released soon.

Hope that helps!

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