Nodejs update to 16.20.2 and above

Hi Team,

I would like know that if NodeJS to be updated in Kibana v7.17 to 16.20.2 or later due to its vulnerability.


There is a merged PR to update NodeJs for the next Kibana 7.17 release: [7.17] Upgrade Node.js to 20.11.1 by jbudz · Pull Request #177043 · elastic/kibana · GitHub
Also Kibana 7.17 has not used Node 16 since 7.17.12, in 7.17.13 it was updated to Node 18.

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Hi Marius, thanks for your reply.

May I know which exact version nodejs 18 is used in 7.17.13 and above?

Also, when next Kibana 7.17 release would have nodejs 20.11.1?

You can see all used Node versions by checking the commit history for the nvmrc file in the Kibana repo. Each commit linked to an issue will have a release version tagged to it. History for .nvmrc - elastic/kibana · GitHub

Hi Marius, Thank you very much for your previous answers. I'd like to check with you that when Kibana v7.18.19 will be released with Nodejs 20.11.1 upgrade ?