Kibana not ready error

Hi I would like to have an assistance about my Kibana.

I'm currently building wazuh. But once I access in into the browser it says kibana isnot yet ready

Please check the Kibana logs.

Hi where can i found the kibana logs :slight_smile:

What OS are you on?
How did you install Kibana?

im using Ubuntu 20.10

I was working with our SIEM whihc is wazuh.

To create the SIEM we need to install filebeat, wauh-manager, kibana and elasticsearch.

Ive already restarted the services.

But once i access to web it just says "kibana server is not yet ready"

ref. Step-by-step installation - All-in-one deployment

Then it should be under /var/log/kibana

hi, upon checking.

there is no kibana

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