Kibana not recognize my fields

hi guys i am new in elk and Kibana
i am tried to put data via Logstah config file:

this is the mapping details:

"type": "date",
"format": "yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss||yyyy-MM-dd||epoch_millis"

when i came to create index pattern the @timestemp disappear and i have just my Date field
i select the only one option and the kibana doesn't recognize my field
i cant see any data in the discover even I try to run sql commend in dev tool like:
SELECT * From may i get empty results

Welcome to our community! :smiley: We aren't all guys though.

Please also don't post pictures of text, they are difficult to read, impossible to search and replicate (if it's code), and some people may not be even able to see them :slight_smile: Are you able to repost that config for us please?

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