Kibana not showing accurate count

Hi, im new to this ELK and i hope that the community can guide men on solving this. OK so the data i got is from the xml file input on logstash then transferred to the elasticsearch, in kibana i do the manual index pattern just typing "index-pattern-*" and then click on next step.

The data when i hover on the screen shows accurate count.

But when i click visualize it only shows 1 count for each risk_score.
Thanks in advance.

Anyone can help me?

Hi @wdaburu, I have found that the more information I provide about document mapping, the better help I get. it sounds like you have a risk_score field in each document. However, you're trying to create a single "Metric" number? I'm not sure a Metric visualization does multiple aggregations.... it's just a single number, right? You're trying to create a Metric visualization?

Yes, just a single number for the risk_score with the value of 0 1 3 and then count the occurence of it. This is from the previous question that i asked before at Parsing nessus XML in Logstash

Did you compare the 'Time Picker' in Visualize v/s Discover? May be you have a lower time window selected in Visualize (say Last 15 Minutes) and higher one in Discover (say Last 1 hour)

Yup i did select the maximum time 5 years at the upper right corner each time the data come in from logstash and still the same.

@wdaburu What is the index pattern name for your data set, is it:"index-pattern-" or "nessus-data-" ? I see that you have chosen the index pattern: "nessus-data-*" in the Table Visualization.

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