Kibana not showing proper data

HI experts,

We are using Elasticsearch and Kibana 6.3.2.
Earlier its working fine . But past one months kibana is not showing proper data which means some of our datas are missing . But that data's are available in Elasticsearch Db .
Can you please help us to solve this ?

thanks in advance
Sriguruvel R.

Hi, Kibana 6.3 has reached EOL and we no longer officially support it. We strongly suggest you upgrade to a more recent version and then come back with a more detailed description of the issue. Eg. what data you have, how does the mapping look like, in which part of Kibana do you expect to find the data but you are not finding it, etc.

Hi @majagrubic ,

Sorry for the late reply.
We found the solution and that is not related to Elasticsearch and kibana. Both are working fine


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