Kibana not showing all data for an Elasticsearch index

I came across very strange issue in Kibana. Kibana is not showing all indexed data for an elasticsearch index.

Total Document in Elasticsearch: 3441012 (Stopped logstash , hence no indexing is going on since 21-Nov)

Document Showing in Kibana: 91,294

Data is increasing in Kibana very slowly whereas no indexing is going on Elasticsearch index.

I have checked Kibana and Elasticsearch log and I haven't found anything.

Any suggestion to debug this issue?

Why all data is not showing in Kibana and increasing data slowly?

Found the issue.

This is not Kibana issue. I am checking kibana features with Log Generator tool and somehow my log generator generated log for future date and I have selected past 2 years of data. Hence it was not showing all data in Kibana. When I have selected future date then all data is displaying properly.

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