Kibana not showing all the data


I have found an issue when playing around with kibana. It is not showing all the data from elasticsearch.

Total docs in ES : 177,062
Total docs in kibana : 176,818 (when clicking on discover tab)

Kibana date filter is set to Year to date.

I have tested some use cases for preventing this issue which are as below

1 - Changed the ES_HEAP_SIZE to 1g
2 - In kibana : Reloaded the index pattern using the yellow button
3 - Restarted ES and kibana
4 - Deleted the index pattern from kibana and created a new one

None of these above worked for me.

My app is live and running locally and i have to deliver this before due date so please ElasticSearch Team help me out with this :smiley:

ES version : 1.6.0
kibana version : 4.1.1


How do you count the number of ES documents? Are you e.g. including the documents in the .kibana index, which Kibana won't show? Can you narrow down the different to a particular time interval, i.e. what if you pick a random month (or day) and compare the counts in Kibana and directly in ES?


I count number of ES documents using head plugin. And yes i filtered data using kibana date filter from date 2015-11-07 till now and it gives me 502 docs in kibana and same as in ES using range query in head plugin (Any request tab)

One more thing i found, when i inserted new data into ES and refreshed kibana the count also updated in Kibana but its still not the same. i.e

ES docs count : 177,323
kibana docs count : 177,079

And yeah i'm not supposing that i will get .kibana index data as i have created dashboards and visualizations on it which has only 9 docs which is so far good.

Where are these '244' docs left? :smile:


Keep in mind that Kibana uses the local timezone while the indexes in ES use UTC. If you are a few hours off that could easily account for the difference you're seeing.


Yeah probably this could be the issue.