Kibana not showing all documents in index


I'm having an issue with Kibana (I'm running es 7.9.0 and kb 7.9.0). In Kibana under my index management I see that the 'mag_mapping' index contains 50 million documents. However, when I look in the Kibana discover tab, I only see 14 million documents that are found. There is no time filter active on the search, neither is there a time field included in the mapping. I want to understand why this happens to make sure that I can retrieve all 50 million documents.

Any pointers as to why this may happen would be great.

Welcome to the community @Diederik_Mathijs!

If you go to dev tools and run GET mag_mapping/_count what do you get?

Thank you Aaron :slight_smile:

It returns count:14314753 , which is the same number of documents that is displayed in Discover.

I am thinking 14,314,753 is the correct count. I'll do some digging to see why the number is different on the index management page.

I am unaware of how many documents were indexed, so it is entirely possible that 14,314,753 is the correct count.

I would love to understand why that happens, thank you.

Are you using nested fields by chance?

Yes, I do. So that is why I have 50 milion docs, thanks for helping me!
And excuse me for re-posting this issue. I searched for a while but didn't find that particular post.

@Diederik_Mathijs no problem and good luck!

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