Kibana does't show all data from daily indices

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My kibana has a strange behavior, when I select a Last 24h on the Discovery tab to see data from two days, sometimes kibana only shows data from one day.

But if I select, e.g. Last 12h, I can visualize data from the current day.

And if a select the Last 24h with a filter, kibana shows data from both days.

Someone can help me with this issue?


Luís Carvalho

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I would first check if your current days index has data in it.

I usually use a plugin like "Head" to see how many documents in the index there are. Though I guess you could use the Kibana Plugin Sense to issue the queries too.

or even use a nodejs app I wrote

Since Kibana is not returning an error, I would presume it is a problem with the data

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Thank you for your help,

I check the current days index, and has data in it. With a curl command I query elasticsearch to give me data from a range of 23h55 and 0h05 and I get data from that period (two days).

The indices have the same index template.

Can be a data volume problem?

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are you using the default "@Timestamp" on your index settings (Kibana->settings->indecies) or are you using a custom time field?

You could be timing out, I do see this occasionally, It could be between your browser and Kibana or kibana and ELK (this would error)

My guess is your Browser is timing out or if your using a proxy server (Open up your Developer console ) and look at the requests getting issued the "ajax" query could be timeing out.

I had this issue with Apache where the Reverse proxy was set to "30 seconds" and querying 121M records took longer then that)

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