Strange search result with time range

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I have weird problem with the time range search in Kibana

if select the "Today" in time range dialog it return 2 documents as expected in this case. Now If then select the "Last 7 days" instead I see alot of records, but only one from today so one is missing from today.

That seems strange to me or what I'm missing here?

ElasticSearch : 5.5.0
Kibana : 5.5.0


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This is an interesting one. Can you please check what happens when you do 24 hours? How many documents show up?

It would also be good to check the timestamps for the documents for today and see whats missing from 7 day.


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So I did some more testing today. If I select today it return 58 documents and if I select 24 hours it return a lot more but only 54 documents belong to today.

It seems like when I select 24 hours it's 2 hour behind, because if I check an hour later I can see some of the missing records shows up for the 24 hours time range.

Here is a screen dump from the first the record (18:30:58) , and the time it display in the view is 2 hours ahead of the updated_time (16:30:58)


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