Kibana not showing updated logs from elasticsearch

(P Kumar) #1

Why my kibana not showing updated logs from elastic search . logstash pushing logs to elastic search and index also creating but it is not updating in every dynamically in kibana GUI.

(Spencer Alger) #2

If you want logs to automatically show up in Kibana you will want to enable autorefresh in the time picker

(P Kumar) #3

I checked my kibana but it is not showing Time Picker [image: Time Picker] in
the Kibana toolba.

(Spencer Alger) #4

That happens when you turn off the timefield in your index pattern. Try recreating your index pattern, this time make sure you select a time field

(P Kumar) #5

my index creating with , we need to add ?
how we can add time in index , do we need to use like appname__timestamp ?

(system) #6

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