Kibana not working properly

I'm running a dockerized elastic cluster composed of 3 master and 3 data nodes on AWS instances, using rsyslog and logstash, i collect and store syslog events on elasticsearch index.
till now everything was good until trying to build a vizualization dashboard on kibana.
working on kibana i notice that the request take too much time (even on a small number of syslog message 'less than 5000 records').
The following error 'Loading chunk 20 failed.' is repeated a lot.

The dashboard shows data once, and throws errors many times.


syslog event are stored as the following schema :

No error logs on both side, kibana and elastic server.
I tried many suggestion found on the internet :

  • index re-create.
  • re-deploy kibana on new EC2 instance.
  • re-configure kibana.

i'm ready to provide any other further info could help to resolve this issue.

I appreciate any help from you. Thanks in advance.

Hi @chatim,

Which version of Elasticsearch and Kibana are you using?

Hi @carly.richmond ,
currently i'm using the following version :

  • ES : 8.10.0
  • Logstash : 8.10.0
  • Kibana : 8.10.0-1

P.S : same issue was also with version 8.9.0.

Thanks for confirming. Are you using any plugins at all?

No plugin used till now, fresh deployement.

It sounds like you're recently installed a plugin? Did the issues start when you installed a particular plugin? Which plugin have you installed?

@carly.richmond no plugin installed.i really appreciate your help.
the good news is that the issue fixed, and cannot believe that the cause of all this pain was Nginx :confused: even (basic nginx config), after setting header "connection" to "upgrade" everything works nice.

proxy_set_header Connection 'upgrade';

unset header, issue return.
Hope that help others suffering same issue.

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Thanks for sharing the solution for others @chatim! Glad you got things working.

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