Kibana not working when ssl is enabled

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Hi all,

I am using elasticsearch, kibana, logstash and xpack of 5.1.1 version. I enabled ssl following below two links

We are able to login in elasticsearch but kibana windows is not loading. It says "This site cant provide a secure connection and sent an invalid response.".

I generated cert files using certgen tool and changed following parameters in the kibana.yml
elasticsearch.url: "https://ip:9200"
server.ssl.cert: /etc/elasticsearch/x-pack/mmlctl1/mmlctl1.crt
server.ssl.key: /etc/elasticsearch/x-pack/mmlctl1/mmlctl1.key [ "/etc/elasticsearch/x-pack/ca/ca.crt" ]
Then i restarted kibana and ran https://ip:5601. It is failing with above error message
Please let me know what else should i need to change.

(Marius Dragomir) #2

Are there any errors shown in the Kibana logs? Also, you should have different certificates for Kibana and Elasticsearch.

(Anusha Kadambala) #3

There are no errors shown in kibana logs. Different certificates for kibana and elasticsearch means do we need to generate twice for the same machine using certgen

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