Kibana on graylog


I currently use graylog as a SIEM. So I have ElasticSearch install on the same sermer. All my elasticsearch data are in /mnt/graylog/elasticsearch/nodes/0/indices.

I would like to install kibana on this same server, how can i configure the file /etc/kibana/kibana.yml to take the data from the above mentioned file.
the configuration can be done in another file

Thank you

Kibana doesn't read data from disk, but connects to Elasticsearch via rest api. You can install Kibana where-ever and configure it to connect to your Elasticsearch server. In the Kibana UI you will be able to define which indices to work with (creating a so called "index pattern").

There's lot of information in the docs: Set up | Kibana Guide [7.11] | Elastic

HI @flash1293 , thank you

I will do that, but I have to update elastcisearch before because the version of kibana is incompatible

You can download old versions of Kibana as well: Past Releases of Elastic Stack Software | Elastic

Thank you for your help @flash1293, kibana is installed and functional (with all my data)

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