Kibana on Raspberry Pi: A glitch that seems fixable

So, the data/headless_shell-linux/headless_shell file is compiled for intel.
I'd like to compile a version of this for my RPi.

Google has been zero help, where can I find src for this tool?

It's clear that support for RPi configurations will not be included generally,
But at least could I get some entry points for building it myself?

Ah :slight_smile: @spalger any inputs?


Hmm, I'm not familiar with any file named data/headless_shell-linux/headless_shell. The OSS linux build of Kibana should work great on raspberry pi if you replace the node.js install in the node directory within the extracted output with the same node.js version but compiled for the pi. If you want support for the default distribution, newer version will require that you disable the code plugin with the following config:

xpack.code.enabled: false

If you look in the tar file provided for download, that file is very clearly there. I gave the directory.

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