Kibana parses correctly CSV data file but fails visualization

Problem with visualization:

  1. tokenizes the value of the field. If the field is multi-word, it would create a bar for each work in the field and
  2. converts all to lower case

For example, field value like an address "123 Street City" would be represented as 3 bars "123", "street", "city".

This is likely happening because Elasticsearch is analyzing your fields. If you want to prevent this, you will need to create a mapping for your index(es) and, in that mapping, define the fields to be not_analyzed.

BTW, are you using Logstash for parsing the CSV? If so, Logstash will automatically create .raw versions of each field that contain the not_analyzed values in those fields. So, for example, if you have a field named column1, Logstash will also automatically create a field named column1.raw for you. If you use the latter field in Kibana, you will get the values as-is, unanalyzed.