Kibana- Pie Chart Visualization using Filters

Hi All,

I am using kibana 7.2.0. I want to split slices using Filters Aggregation. In the filters I want the data to be filtered on the basis of a word.

I want to match the data if it contains ''NLevel" OR "Nlevel" OR "nlevel".
But when keep a filter aggregation like this:

xml_content.stdout.query.row.Headline.keyword: "NLevel" OR "Nlevel"

It matches only 9 data, although there are 11 lines containing these fields.

Any help on this ? Thanks in Advance.


Are some of the lines larger than 2048 characters? Those 2 extra documents might not be analyzed if they are longer, depending on the index mapping.

Hi @Marius_Dragomir,

I have resolved the issue reported. Thanks !


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