Using JSON Input in piechart for Visualization

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Hello Team,

I'm trying to generate a simple piechart as a Visualisation in Kibana with some custom Filters, which is nothing but a hostname where the request been hit.

The current visualisation works for me but the worry factor is the filters which I added in the split slices may gets change anytime , so the current 3 filters (combination of character & numbers) gets change anytime and my visualisation may get broken or shows incorrect result. Please see attached image for more detail.

So, basically, what I'm looking is can i add filters in term of regex (never used regex to an extent) instead of hard coding the values. The value/string of the filters is always be a combination of numbers & characters with 11 characters.

(Nathan Reese) #2

Yes, you can define filters with regular expressions. See for reference

(Hussain Khan) #3

Thanks Nathan for sharing the reference. Can you please help to build the regular expression, I'm struggling a bit to enjoin with using filters

(Nathan Reese) #4 is a great site that allows you to experiment with regex and quickly find what works

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