Kibana plugin build and .local-chromium

Hi guys,

I've a problem with che kibana plugin build I did using plugin-helpers
In detail, when I run the build command I can see the zip file with all the plugin's file I need.
The only files are missing is the .local-chromium I have in :


Actually I'm solving this running an yarn install after the plugin deploy.
Obviously this is only a workaround...

Someone can help me??

Thanks in advance,

Hi @Nicolap

is the .local-chromium a symlink or a real file? because all symlink are removed from the zip file.

I've checked locally and we have the same dependency. .local-chromium is a folder, that is populated only after yarn install. I'm not sure why this is skipped by the plugin helper build command. Let me check with the Kibana Ops folks

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Thanks @markov00.
Let me know.

Ok so we have opened a PR to fix that:
I think you can try to apply the patch locally to see if this will fix your actual problem and if so please feel free to add a comment on that PR

Thanks @markov00 !
I tryed the plugin helper build with the fix and It works as expected.

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