Kibana plugin build error


We are developing some kibana plugins, and for today after yarn kbn bootstrap getting error while building the plugin for any version of kibana. BUT in dev environment everything is okay: yarn start will start the kibana server with installed plugin.
Error: (Path prefix is covered by /***/ :slight_smile: )
yarn build
yarn run v1.10.1
warning package.json: No license field
$ plugin-helpers build
? What version of Kibana are you building for? 6.4.2
Task "build" failed:

TypeError: pna.nextTick is not a function
at GlobStream.Readable.on (/***/kibana/63/kibana/packages/kbn-plugin-helpers/node_modules/readable-stream/lib/_stream_readable.js:752:13)
at OrderedStreams.addStream (/***/kibana/63/kibana/packages/kbn-plugin-helpers/node_modules/ordered-read-streams/index.js:33:10)
at /***/kibana/63/kibana/packages/kbn-plugin-helpers/node_modules/ordered-read-streams/index.js:91:7
at Array.forEach ()
at new OrderedStreams (/***/kibana/63/kibana/packages/kbn-plugin-helpers/node_modules/ordered-read-streams/index.js:87:11)
at globStream (/***/kibana/63/kibana/packages/kbn-plugin-helpers/node_modules/glob-stream/index.js:70:19)
at Object.src (/***/kibana/63/kibana/packages/kbn-plugin-helpers/node_modules/vinyl-fs/lib/src/index.js:24:5)
at /***/kibana/63/kibana/packages/kbn-plugin-helpers/tasks/build/create_build.js:76:12
at new Promise ()
at /***/kibana/63/kibana/packages/kbn-plugin-helpers/tasks/build/create_build.js:74:14
error Command failed with exit code 1.
info Visit for documentation about this command.

How do you think, what can it be or what to look for resolving the problem?


I've solved the problem. I don't know what is be, but solution is very easy:

yarn kbn clean
yarn kbm bootstrap
Moreover, I want to say that there is one more problem. When I add some external npm dependecies, I get broken project for build. Solution is the same - clean&bootstrap again.

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