Kibana Plugin Dependency Issue

(Varun Sharma) #1

So I've built a plugin for Kibana which have some external dependency (non-node) and upon booting process of Kibana I want to test if it is there by spawning a child process and installing it manually if it's not there.
I want to block the completion of kibana boot process until my dependency is installed in an async fashion. How do you think i should go about this?

(Matt Bargar) #2

Generally what you'd do in the sort of situation is make the plugin status "red" until the dependency is available. Our elasticsearch plugin does something similar when it's waiting for Elasticsearch to become available. There's a "health check" that polls for ES and sets the plugin status to green if ES is available, red if it is not. Here's an example of how that is done

(system) #3

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