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I created my custom kibana plugin following the template in

After creating the plugin I used npm run build to create the archive, then installed the plugin in my kibana using bin\kibana-plugin install file:///pathtodirectory.

My problem is when executing kibana the plugin doesn't show and I'm not getting any error.
It worked in development and I'm using kibana 6.2.2.
plugin installation:

kibana start:

Appreciate any help.

Hmm sounds like a bug, possibly related to A few extra questions:

Does the status page (/status) show the plugin? Is the plugin available in the plugins folder? Do you see the plugin in the optimize/bundles dir?

The plugin is available in plugins folder.
The plugin is not in the status and optimize/bundles.

Thanks for the info. I'm going to have to dig into this more, the issue above seems to be happening only on windows machines, if you have a linux (subshell?) cli that you can try.

One other question, what type of plugin are you creating? Is it an entire app or hooking into kibana?

I have linux shell but i'm having some problems using kibana from it.

About the plugin I'm making an app that comunicates with elasticsearch and it's accessed through the left panel similar to Dev tools. I used the kibana-plugin generator to get started. Don't know if I answered your second question, let me known if you need any extra information.

Ok, I resolved the problem. Instead of using the npm build run, I copied the plugin into a new folder, zipped it and normally installed it. It seems it might be a problem with npm build run.

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