How to know the kibana plugin well installed


I am using Kibana 6.3 and I installed some plugins in my instance from this link. I follow this instructions:
1- Stop Kibana server.
2- Clone the plugin into KIBANA_HOME/plugins from github and execute npm i if needed.
3- Restart Kibana server.
4- Consult the Visualize->new menu to check the pluggin added.
After installation, there are some plugins which they are not displayed in the visualization type list, no error message. The question: how to know why the plugin doesn't work ? (log, console,...)

Thanks for advance.

Hi @asallemi. You need to explicitly install the plugin, not just download them into the /plugins directory. Try following the guidance here:

If there's a problem installing a plugin using those directions, you should see the diagnostics in the terminal.

Best of luck.

If I try to install a plugin using this bin/kibana-plugin install file:///some/local/path/ I got this msg Plugin installation was unsuccessful due to error "No kibana plugins found in archive".

Hm. It sounds like maybe you have an invalid plugin, then. You might want to double-check that you've downloaded a Kibana plugin that matches the version of Kibana you're running. If all else fails, you may want to reach out to the plugin author(s).

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I already installed plugins with specific version (which I'm using).
Thanks @christophilus.

Is installation failing for all plugins you are attempting to install, or only for some?

I installed just the plugins with version 6.3. For example I installed Radar plugin (from here) it works perfectly ! I just cloned it into KIBANA_HOME/plugins and I execute npm i. But with $ bin/kibana-plugin install doesn't work I got always an error message!

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