How to know the kibana plugin well installed



I am using Kibana 6.3 and I installed some plugins in my instance from this link. I follow this instructions:
1- Stop Kibana server.
2- Clone the plugin into KIBANA_HOME/plugins from github and execute npm i if needed.
3- Restart Kibana server.
4- Consult the Visualize->new menu to check the pluggin added.
After installation, there are some plugins which they are not displayed in the visualization type list, no error message. The question: how to know why the plugin doesn't work ? (log, console,...)

Thanks for advance.

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Hi @asallemi. You need to explicitly install the plugin, not just download them into the /plugins directory. Try following the guidance here:

If there's a problem installing a plugin using those directions, you should see the diagnostics in the terminal.

Best of luck.


If I try to install a plugin using this bin/kibana-plugin install file:///some/local/path/ I got this msg Plugin installation was unsuccessful due to error "No kibana plugins found in archive".

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Hm. It sounds like maybe you have an invalid plugin, then. You might want to double-check that you've downloaded a Kibana plugin that matches the version of Kibana you're running. If all else fails, you may want to reach out to the plugin author(s).


I already installed plugins with specific version (which I'm using).
Thanks @christophilus.

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Is installation failing for all plugins you are attempting to install, or only for some?


I installed just the plugins with version 6.3. For example I installed Radar plugin (from here) it works perfectly ! I just cloned it into KIBANA_HOME/plugins and I execute npm i. But with $ bin/kibana-plugin install doesn't work I got always an error message!

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