Kibana 6.0.0 plugin installation and kibana start failed

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Server details - Rhel7.4 Linux |Kibana v6.0.0 |elasticseacr 6.0.0

Using installation cmd:
When installation of the plugin zip file -->it shows "no kibana plugin Archive found".

Using manual installation:
We dont have the privilege to install npm and if we move kibana plugin or installed with node modules inside the kibana plugin folder,kibana didn't start properly and didn't show up any error about the plugins.

Finally, we tested the complete plugin in local machines,it absolutely works fine.

So kindly request for a help if its Server related issue / Kibana version related / plugin issue?

(Omar Azzabi) #2


What folder are you pointing when running kibana plugin install? Are you pointing the zip file located in the build folder generated by npm run build ? Have you also checked if the version of your plugin and the version of kibana are matching?

(Narasimma varman) #3

Try1. We installed the plugin in local machine kibana/ plugins, then we moved the installed plugins to multiple local machines. it works perfectly fine with npm installed.
so, the same plugin is not working with the server machine.

Try2: we used the same command in kibana plugin installed and pointing the zip folder as you mentioned.

Note: npm is not available for our environment, however, the versions of kibana and plugins are same.

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