Install kibana plugin

I i'm trying to install a plugin chart on kibana and have not successful.

I tried to install following way. Executing this command in KIBANA_HOME/bin

./kibana-plugin install

but i recevei this message:

Attempting to transfer from
Transferring 3965065 bytes....................
Transfer complete
Retrieving metadata from plugin archive
Plugin installation was unsuccessful due to error "No kibana plugins found in archive"

I tried too install from downloaded zip file. I unpacked the zip file in KIBANA_HOME/plugins/ and the kibana did not startup. The error message is:

ERROR in ./plugins/kbn_radar/public/kbn_radar.js
Module not found: Error: Can't resolve 'ui/vis/vis_category' in '/opt/app/kibana-6.6.1-linux-x86_64/plugins/kbn_radar/public'

I do no know more what to do to install chart's plugin

It looks like that plugin is for an older version of Kibana and therefore potentially not compatible. I would recommend checking if there is aversion that matches your Kibana version.

Yes, is compatible, see this:

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