[Kibana 7.3]Install Radar Map Plugin

Hi guys,
I would like to draw some radar maps in Kibana.

Unfortunately, after trying all installation steps shown in this repository, I am still not able to get the kbn_radar work in either Windows or Ubuntu.

Some questions from me:

  1. Is this plugins still capatible with Kibana 7.3?
  • Kibana 6.3 or upper: git clone https://github.com/dlumbrer/kbn_radar.git -b 6-dev
  1. If not, is there any alternative plugin that helps me with radar map drawing?

Hey @Scorpion21, Kibana plugins are version specific, so it's very possible that it isn't. I'd suggest asking this question in the https://github.com/dlumbrer/kbn_radar github issues.

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