Kibana Plugin Not working

I have integrated one custom kibana plugin but I can not find that in my kibana tool.

I have setup the development environment, ran yarn kbn bootstrap and yarn start. I am not getting any issue. I checked in kibana bundle file in optimization folder and can see the plugin. But I am not finding that in Kibana for creating visualization.

Please help.

@Nathan_Reese - I am integrating
Please help me with this.

What version of Kibana are you running? What does your kibana folder structure look like, specifically where did you put the plugin?


I cloned the kibana code from github repository version 7.8. I made a plugins folder at root level and I cloned the plugin there and did bower install as mentioned. When I ran yarn start I could see the kibana-time-plugin in cmd.
Not getting any error while running yarn start but I am getting [info] plugins disabled. Is this the reason fo not seeing the plugin?

If yes, how to enable it?

I am new to kibana. I really need this filter As I am planning to embed my kibana dashboards in angular application. has not been upgraded to work with kibana 7.8. You can see some the changes need to get the plugin working in new version of kibana at

When can we expect 7.9 release?

Elastic does not provide release dates for upcoming releases.

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